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About Us

We are simple and easy going

A small agency who works with exceptional private individuals and companies since 2012. Our global subcontractor base is one of the most exclusive in the World.

Our history

In 2012, we established our services in London and this was for our Russian-speaking clients only. But meanwhile, we decide to expand and help English specking clients too.

During the time, we served few of the richest persons in the world and that brought us to the level of understanding what they want and how we can deliver it to them.

Our relationship

You are not only our clients, but in most of the cases we became as your family and offer you integrity, loyalty and trust. We want you to be happy, we do our best for you. You are so special for us.

Our principle

This is our most important rule. We work for you around the clock, and we expect you to respect us first and, then you pay to us. That is the simple condition and that is what will bring you and us to our biggest destinations together. We need to be happy too 🙂

Our people

As we mentioned before, we are the family and our operating and subcontracting teams, we all have special relations. We support each other, and we work together for you.

Our company

About Us

The main umbrella is Demapal Ltd and Concierge Service London is one of its activities. Our office in City of London and you can find out more in our contact page.