Frequently asked questions

Just before we start, let you know, we are trying to keep everything simple and easy to understand. Our mission is to make your life easier, and we hope this page will do the part of this job.

And, of course, feel free to ask any of your question if you do not have time to read this page or your question is not here.

What is Concierge Service London?

The private limited company (Demapal Ltd), who helps with day-to-day life, with your planning and bookings, like holidays, restaurants eg. Plus, we organise and control things, like subcontractors for your needs. We can provide access to events and clubs, but we can’t promise it. We don’t do financial services, but our trusted partners do.

What Concierge Service London can bring to me?

The most valuable thing is to save your time. Then, the access to the concierge’s network and finally, rid of the boring task you need to do.

What concierge areas you specialise?

We do cover a full range as we co-operate with other concierge agents and companies to bring complete spectrum. We can offer you much more than you may expect from a single concierge agency.

Can you offer on-demand concierge?

Yes. We do have this option indeed. It cost £100.00 per hour. Just tell us what do you need, and we estimate the price for that, and if you are happy with the price we will send you online payment link and then do this for you. Ask us anything! Try us!e?

Do you have a membership option?

Yes. We do. You can choose from our existing options, or you can create your own. The main point of membership is a mutually beneficial relationship. Let’s do it together.

Do you work only in London?

Well, our office in London, but we can organise anything and everywhere. We don’t need any visas and can entry any country in the World at any time if our personal presence are needed. Plus, we have partners globally, and they can help surely. We speak few languages and have access to translators around the World as well.

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